How I Got Started

Single Mother and inspiring Model from Jacksonville FL. Working 7 days a week being a provider and trying to maintain. I just knew if I wanted to make a dream come true I knew I had to follow through if I wanted to see my dreams come to life. So I did just that! 2017 brainstorming on what I'll want my Business name to be. I asked my mom what she think I should name my Business. She looked at me in said " Be Boujee Boutique" I looked at her in said "YES"! It had a ring to it! I put the idea in my Samsung Notes and 3 years later I'm registered as Be Boujee Boutique LLC. I had a vision and followed through. Consistency will take you along way with a lot of patience lol. Boujee means to me that you are confident, you own who you are, you are unapologetically yourself and yet still humble. I Evette Horace created a online Retail Clothing Boutique to give you that Boujee experience. Where you can shop at a affordable price and still get that Boujee High-End look all in one site! Where my Boujee ladies at? Shop the looks at